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recover deleted git branch

Every day we use git and sometimes we make mistakes like deleting a branch by a single click in Sourcetree or command line instruction. If you do this, please do not panic ;)

es7 decorators in depth or not

Mixins are dead (or should be) and we could say that ES7 decorators (experimental) will provide a new way of changing object behaviours at runtime, as they give a new opportunity to modify classes or properties. Current specification is a good start to play with decorators, but I 'll try to share a little bit more with you about it.

chrome extension with react

Previous blog post was about manipulating images with Javascript API and here is a recap of my notes after creating a new Chrome extension app available here

canvas image and data uri

Playing with canvas and images these days, I suggest to look further on what happens with toDataUrl() Canvas javascript API method and why it may be useful to you too.

babel 6 react configuration with webpack how to

Migration to Babel 6 was ... not so easy and I just share few configuration details you may use in order to use last ES6 features.

Presets and Plugins

what is babel js doing

For those wondering what is awesome Babel transpiler doing I propose to show it with an example (online transpiler can be found here

react higher order components

An attempt to explain what is an Higher-Order Component, why it is useful, why it is simple.

You may think first at Higher Order Function and you are right, it comes from Functional Programming concept where I am not expert :) and is a great alternative to the use of Mixins in the world of React.

best of es6 taken from redux

Mozilla documentation is the best but here I share some of new es6 sugar syntaxes features you may know or not :) To my opinion it really gives a less verbose and intuitive code if we all embrace es6.

I also share a small cover of very intuitive Dan Abramov

numbers and bitwise operations review

Like other languages Javascript deals pretty well with bytes and a lot of developers tend to choose NodeJS as their favourite backend framework.

Here, I propose to review, recap some "binary" concepts about how primitive type "number" are stored, integer, float, double. It helps to understand how certain operations are performed.

functional programming with javascript

This article to cover some basics you might apply in order to make a robust, readable Javascript code.

Solution is to apply some functional programming recipes.

javascript how to clone objects

In an ideal world, to clone an object we should invoke a native method named clone() and go drink a coffee, but no, we can't. In order to understand common manners to clone() an object in javascript, we will need to review some basics, a recap is always welcome, isn't it ?

I will explain you what is going on when we deal with primitives, objects, references...and all that in one article, OMG.

go lang simple reverse proxy

Few months ago, I coded on hackerrank by learning Go language. Tests there can be very tricky but you should take a look at them and practice sometimes. Today, I will show your a more concrete example with a reverse proxy implementation.

play with webpack hot replacement

Before that we focus at webpack hot module replacement, let's see some reasons why I choosed React/Webpack couple to create my blog and some extra websites:

  • build must be fast

immutableJS overview

Immutable library can be useful but documentation is quite tricky to understand. I have just played a little with this library and wanted to share with you some examples.

Written with TypeScript

nodejs require module

Understand module component loading system is quite important in NodeJS, those who tried to play with it may know what I am talking about. How it works, what is the difference between export, module.exports

my blog

Hi, my name is Julien, I live in Paris, France and code for a while with a passion for web technologies but also data, visualization...

On this blog, I will try to share with you my interest and some examples, tutorials or stories.